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Brandfuel is committed to pursuing the highest possible standards of sustainability and is working to become an industry leader in reducing the environmental and social impact of events.

While stewardship of the planet is central to our ambitions, this is not the only focus of Brandfuel’s drive for sustainability. There are four key pillars underpinning our efforts: people, partners, purpose and planet.

People: we are determined to create an inclusive workplace that values diversity and encourages everyone to be their authentic self. We empower all employees to improve our environmental and social commitment across the business. We reward progress in sustainable learning and tie it into staff’s personal objectives. We give people the opportunity to help others less fortunate than themselves and we ensure that any unwanted event collateral is offered to social enterprise organisations for their use or to sell for charitable fund-raising.

Partners: we make every effort to partner with like-minded companies that provide ethical working conditions and support the well-being of their employees. We are also committed to working with companies that embrace environmental change, sourcing the best sustainable materials and disposing of them sustainably.

Purpose: we have made sustainability an integral part of our company culture, with a sustainability ambassador championing the cause and benchmarking our efforts. We endeavour to design event solutions that have a measurable positive impact on communities, people and the planet. We ensure that at least 80% of materials used at our events are reused, recycled or redistributed and our goal is to make this 100% by June 2022. We promote awareness of reused, recycled and redistributed assets by signage at our events – at Promenade 84a for Google at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2020, the countertops in our installation displayed labels highlighting that they were made of yogurt pots.

Planet: We strive to reduce any harmful environmental and social impact on sustainability within the events industry. When creating events we minimise the waste products going into landfill or polluting the oceans – our aim is to reduce this to zero by June 2022. We collaborate with organisations to increase the area of certified forests and offset our CO2 emissions. To ensure carbon neutrality, we will continue to work with organisations such as Trees for the Future. And we take responsibility for the long-term effects of our redistributed assets.

Having had defined sustainability practices in place for some time, we recently developed these into our Event Sustainability Management and Evaluation (ESME) tool, which is applied to all our events, whether virtual or physical.

ESME provides data for every element of an event, from transport and crew logistics to catering and materials. We aim to use this data to drive more sustainable practices and to provide recommendations and reports to our clients after each project.

To achieve our goal of becoming a zero-waste, net zero-emissions event producer by June 1, 2022, we have committed to:

  • Put sustainability at the heart of our culture
  • Design for minimal impact
  • Reuse/repurpose existing assets
  • Use recycled material
  • Use new materials only if none of the above are available or suitable, and to procure them carefully to minimise impact; and to 
  • Offset what we can’t avoid
Brandfuel’s Integrity

Integrity is important to us and we look to partner with like-minded ethical companies

In December 2020, we became the first UK agency to be granted ISO 20121 sustainability accreditation for both virtual and physical events. We are also founder members of Isla, an alliance of professionals promoting sustainability throughout the events industry.

For more than a decade we have established a strong working relationship with Google, a company with high ethical standards and a strong commitment to sustainability. Having adopted a circular economy approach, Google is passionate about making smart use of the Earth’s resources – creating products with the planet and people in mind.


Like Google, our core focus is on solutions that allow us to refuel and regenerate. One example of this is our Upcycled Stand; a sustainable construction made almost entirely of recycled and upcycled materials. This modular stand is constructed from wooden pallets, crushed-up car parts, and metal from a wartime barn. The stand has already been reused for four functions: EGU; Living Planet Symposium; Greentech Festival and COP25. So where’s the sustainable stand now? It’s being stored, ready to be used again when required.

At WEF 2020, many of our clients presented strong sustainability initiatives that played into the theme of “Stakeholders of a Cohesive and Sustainable World”. Our projects for them concentrated on sourcing recycled materials, reducing food waste and building designs that could be stored for reuse.

Brandfuel’s Efforts

To ensure carbon neutrality, we have partnered with Trees For Future - an organisation that plants trees to offset the carbon emissions produced by our flights

Brandfuel’s commitment to sustainable events remains strong. We will continue to work on improving the sustainability of all our virtual and physical events, working closely with our clients to help them achieve their own environmental targets. Sustainability is key, and so is our optimism and ambition to help fuel a better future for our planet.

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