Staying Social

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The surge of online social engagement activities around the world in a time of global lockdown has been powerful. From Joe Wicks motivating people with his popular PE classes to TikTok dances celebrating users’ content creation skills, they’re all about positivity and are designed to help people feel less isolated in these challenging times.

For many, this new era of self-isolation and remote working comes with entirely new surroundings and working practices. It’s likely the majority of us feel professionally and socially detached, as we now have fewer opportunities to interact and engage with people throughout our working week.

The Brandfuel office environment relies heavily on social interaction and collaborative working. And since lockdown began, it’s been so important to keep up this momentum. Throughout the day, we’re constantly making use of Google Hangouts, Zoom, WhatsApp, to name a few. We have also learnt how to adapt to social distancing by developing innovative and creative ideas that’ll maintain our fun company culture.

‘Baking with Brandfuel & Friends’ became one of our first initiatives in our drive to stay social.

An idea introduced by our CEO, David; every Friday, keen bakers come together on Zoom for a baking session with the boss. From a classic white loaf to spiced buns to croissants, this Friday fun has been running for over 16 weeks with an average headcount of 40 participants each week! As a collaborative company, these baking sessions have been open to everyone from full-time Fuellers to our extended family of freelancers and clients!

We are a company that has always taken pride in our social activities. It’s inspiring to see how the Brandfuel community has adapted; making a collective effort to rally together, keep in touch frequently and help each other stay engaged.

David's home baking broadcast studio!

Positive social support and keeping communication open is essential not only for business achievements but for maintaining strong relationships and a sense of belonging within the company. We are constantly encouraging people to get involved, whether it be starting their own projects, creating content for our internal intranet or sharing photos of what they are up to. After all, we are all in this together!